Z – Die Cast Machines (alt unused)


Aluminum, Magnesium, Brass

Zinc, Lead, Brass


Our new Die Cast Press Die Cast Machines are offered in Zinc, Aluminum, Lead and Brass. Made from USA high quality alloyed steel, these machines are properly matching for long term endurance and up times by heat-treating, carburizing, chrome plating and back to back tighter machining tolerance allowance through the entire machine.

Die Cast Press die casting machines are backed with additional supports, longer bushings and thicker members. The application of these materials comes from our 50 years of experience in reconditioning, rebuilding and re-manufacturing and now our new custom built, high performance precision die-casting machine


  • DCP high velocity closed loop meter out shot ends

  • New full floating tie bars

  • 12 tie bar bushings

  • hydraulic moving platen die carrier shoes with monitoring station

  • self contained integrated hydraulic die close cylinder system

  • alloy-casted steel links

  • heat-treated and process coated toggle pins for super longevity

  • Available in American Standard or Metric

  • Offered in Zinc, Aluminum, Magne-sium, Lead and Brass – hot chambers and cold chambers

  • 25 – 3000 and higher die casting capability


More Details

Alloy cast steel links are 8620 material with aluminum bronze bushings washers. Heat-treated for high strength prevents elongation of bushing bores.

Available with 2-point (left) 4-point (right) lockup.


Extra heavy duty alloy crosshead
 with oversized toggle pins. Extra heavy duty center support tube and mounting flange support the extra heavy duty alloy toggle links with oversized toggle pins.

Self contained integrated hydraulic die close cylinder system features heavy duty flanged style cylinder tube, one piece piston and rod combination assembly, extra long piston rod support bushings, heavy duty packing gland, manifold mounted cartridge valve direct coupled to end of die close cylinder, die open decompression and die open cushion and speed control.


Bronze bushing installed in front platen tie bar bore bushings inserted in rear platen to protect Tie bar threads and allow for smooth and ease of power die height operation. Maintains tie bar center alignment and allows for full floating tie bar.


All platens machined from 1025 –1030 SAE steel. This material compared to standard hot roll plate allows for harder and tougher die surfaces to prevent platen indentations, T-slot galling or rolling. Prevents all drilled and tapped holes from thread pulling. All bolt torque specifications maintained. Reduces platen coining and deflection.




Die Cast Press direct couple meter out shot end with integrated cartridge valving and direct-coupled piston accumulator. These shot ends have super response time, excellent transitions in all phases from 6″-250″ per second with consistence and repeatability.


Dual hydraulic cylinder moving platen carrier shoes on our 4-point machines. Easily adjusted with any standard grease or power gun. Monitoring station on moving platen prevents tie bar bushings from carrying the weight of die & platen. Therefore, prevents premature wear on the tie bar bushings while maintaining moving alignment.


Fully integrated shot control systems with velocity and position control. Newly offered is our intensifier rise time ramping feature.



For a more cost effective alternative consider our  remanufacturing and rebuilding  services.