Update your machine with a New  HIGH TECH Manifold Package!

Die Cast Press has been in the business of providing retrofit replacement manifolds for decades and has engineered solutions for all makes and models of all types of machines. Using only the highest grades of materials, these manifolds will perform better, increase production and are easily maintained. All manifolds are easily installed in-house. DCP specializes in manufacturing and engineering custom hydraulic systems for all industries including die casting, ceramics, injection molding and blow molding. Die Cast Press offers full CAD hydraulic and assembly drawings for each manifold. Although completely customized manifolds are available, there are generally three types of manifolds we offer.


Shot Control Manifold from Die Cast Press


Regulates oil flow for faster velocities and more consistent shots

  • Din Cartridge Bores
  • Manifold mount valving
  • Compatible with all shot control systems
  • Steel manifold in design for longer life reduces part washout
  • Replacement of Olmstead type spool valves
  • Replaces
  • Binary shot systems:
    • B&T spool type shot systems
    • Bi-constance shot systems
    • Servo Shot Plus systems


Key benefits:

  • Fast shot response times
  • Higher oil flows for faster shot velocities
  • Direct replacement of existing manifold
  • Inexpensive Solution to replacement of binary valves and Olmstead valves
  • Designed for Easy Troubleshooting
  • More consistent shot profiles
  • Standard off-the-shelf-hydraulic valves for easy upgrades and replacement parts
Pump Pressure Control Manifold from Die Cast Press



  • Control loading & unloading of the pumps for the main system Pressure
  • Vickers cartridge relief valve for pressure control on die lock
  • Low pressure, high volume GPM cartridge solenoid relief valve for die close.
  • Shot accumulator charge and shot return controlled by a 2nd cartridge relief. These two units control pressure, volume and GPM for die close and shot circuit.
  • Manifold to be drilled for high/low circuit for die close.
  • Additional pressure ports can be drilled if needed for cores or hydraulic ejector. (Please specify at time of order.)
  • Optional high pressure Vickers 10 micron filter manifold.
  • Installable on any make of machine to standardize

Key benefits:

  • ​Compact in design – takes up 75% less space on most machines
  • Higher oil flows for faster machine rates
  • Din cartridge tolerates dirt better for longer life and increased up time
  • Uses off-the-shelf Vickers hydraulics for easy upgrades and replacement parts
  • Saves Energy with an auto pump unload feature which shuts off when machine is at rest
  • There is also less heat generation.
  • Extends pump life due to decreased pumping time
  • Designed for Easy Troubleshooting


Regulate oil flow to your clamp and keep your upper half running smoother longer

  • Die close cartridge valving can be controlled manually or adjusted electronically through a PLC
  • Custom solutions are available for all makes and types of machines, some with direct replacement option
  • 25mm to 100mm cartridge manifolds available
  • Die open/close manifold to replace existing spool type valves like the Olmstead spool type four-way valve, can be replaced within a day

Key Benefits:

  • ​Double your GPM and weekly production rates with a new manifold designed for a regenerative circuit
  • Handle higher pressures for longer periods of time with superior 1025-1030 steel
  • Minimize downtime due to oil leaks with O-ring flanges which create leak free conditions. Also the outdated telescopic tube lines are replaced with direct hose systems which won’t crack. You also won’t have to deal with the old spool type valving any more which makes for easy valve replacements.
  • Designed for Easy Troubleshooting
  • Enjoy simple installation and maintenance with hydraulic drawings and installation instructions which are provided


  • Regenerative Hydraulic Trim Press Manifolds
  • Core Pull Manifolds, single or double
  • Hydraulic ejector manifolds
  • Compensator core manifolds
  • Other custom die close replacement manifolds as per customer specifications

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