Ref: 1003
Tonnage: 100
Make: HPM
Year: unknown
Dist Between Tie Bars: 13.5″x13.5″

Features:·Crosshead and guide bars have been rebuilt·Links rebuilt with new bushings and pins·New tie bars and new tie bar bushings machined and installed.·New electrics with Allen Bradley PLC SLC-503 PLC and panel view 550 installed.·Shot end rebuilt with new seals, piston and packings installed.·Die close cylinder rebuilt with new seal piston rings and packings·Platen carrier rails re-machinedNew Platen carrier shoes installed.·New hydraulic pump installed·Rebuilt pump motor·Valves have been rebuilt. New pilot valves installed.·New safety doors installed and New die area roll back hood·One new core station ·New linkage screens installed.·Safety bar assembly remanufactured·Platens re-machined·Hydraulic reservoirs cleaned with new gaskets installed.·New pump suction screen installed·Shot piston accumulator rebuilt with new seal package installed.·Machine completely painted with new safety decals installed.·New hydraulic die height drive installed·Die height nuts and sprockets remanufactured ·New die height guards installed.·Electric and hydraulic drawings provided·Hydraulic manifold valve mounting surfaces re-machined·New hydraulic hoses installed·Heat exchanger hot tanked cleaned and pressure tested with new gasketsinstalled.Terms: Sold as is Payment in full with P.OShipping FOB PAW PAW MI DCP will load on customers provided truckCrating an shipping cost not included in this quote Specifications subject to revisions –Subject to prior sale